Manduka eKO 6mm Long Yoga Mat - Charcoal - part unrolled | Eco Yoga Store
Manduka eKO 6mm Long Yoga Mat - Charcoal - vertical rolled | Eco Yoga Store
Manduka eKO 6mm Long Yoga Mat - Charcoal - unfurled | Eco Yoga Store
Manduka eKO 6mm Long Yoga Mat - Acai Midnight - part unrolled | Eco Yoga Store
Manduka eKO 6mm Long Yoga Mat - Acai Midnight - vertical rolled | Eco Yoga Store
Manduka eKO 6mm Long Yoga Mat - Acai Midnight - unfurled | Eco Yoga Store

eKO 6mm Long

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This thick and comfy all-natural rubber mat provides grip even if you perspire a little. This long version is 2000mm long compared to the standard eKO 6mm which is 1800mm. The integrity of the eKO® mat is born from the eco-friendly construction of non-Amazon harvested tree rubber that provides superb cushioning and supports both your practice and our planet. Stays flat as you practice due to the weight and stability of rubber. If weight is a consideration for transporting your mat, check out the 4mm and 1mm versions of the eKO®.

  • Standard 1800 x 600 x 6mm at 3.2kg
  • Long 2000 x 600 x 6mm at 3.6kg
  • Always stays flat during your practice
  • Contains no PVC or plasticizing chemicals
  • Biodegradable, non-Amazon tree rubber
  • Produced using non-toxic foaming agents
  • No AZO dyes used to colour the mat
  • 99% latex free
  • Zero waste during manufacturing.

Being made from natural rubber without any preservative chemicals added means you will need to take good care of your eKO® mat. See care instructions.

One of the eKO® 6mm's best features is it stays really flat while you practice. It will never bunch or curl up as you move through your poses as it is heavy enough to remain flat always.

Be aware that rubber is a heavy substance so if weight is a consideration as you take your mat with you often then think about an eKO® Lite instead.

All rubber mats will have a slight rubber smell. It starts out obvious but after awhile it mostly diminishes.

Taking care for an eKO® mat - DO NOT:

  • Wash it in a washing machine
  • Soak or submerge it in water 
  • Use any type of soap or chemicals
  • Use harsh scrubbing cloth/brushes on it
  • Leave it in direct sunlight
  • Leave or store it in a hot vehicle or situation
  • Use the salt scrub method - that's for PRO® mats.

To clean your mat:

All eKO® mats can be cleaned by spraying them with Manduka’s Natural Rubber Mat Wash or TRIBE Eco Clean and wiping down with a soft cloth. You can also make your own cleaner by mixing 10% white vinegar and 90% water in a spray bottle. 

To store your mat:

Once dry, roll it up with the closed-cell surface facing out. That is the top surface you practice on and has the red Manduka frog logo on it. If damp from cleaning it, allow the mat to air dry before rolling up.

The eKO® mat is a natural yoga mat made from sustainably harvested tree rubber. Unlike other rubber mats available today, the foaming agents used to create the eKO® are non-toxic.

Additionally, instead of using all synthetic polyester for the reinforcing mesh placed through the middle of the mat, we have chosen to use a blend of polyester and natural cotton.

To bond the two layers of the mat together around the reinforcing mesh we have opted for a heat process rather than glue as this is more ecological and stronger.

According to both customer feedback and published yoga mat reviews, the eKO® mat is a high performance mat that is also good for the environment.

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