Our Ethos & Commitment

Our Vision at Eco Yoga Store

...is to offer the highest quality of yoga products, combined with exceptional customer service, whilst ensuring that we both respect, and care for our environment, by selecting products where sustainability is as important as fit and function.

In support of this Vision, Our Ethos at Eco Yoga Store

...recognises that we have a duty to act responsibly in helping to protect the planet, understanding that our actions and products have a role in sustaining the environment, and the communities within it.

To this end, we are committed to striving to change what we can to help preserve the world we live in and supporting the communities we operate in, by selecting our products accordingly, and donating products, time and money when and where we can. 

Aligned with this ethos, we are committed to building an ethical business culture, being honest and open with ourselves, our customers, and our suppliers, and operating with integrity and sensitivity. 

We expect our business partners to equally operate in this manner, and it is a guiding principle of our partner selection that helps us build strong and trusting business relationships which are consciously working together for the betterment of our world. 

We alone cannot protect and build a better future for our world, but we can commit 100% to trying, by working with and supporting others who share this same vision, commitment and passion - together we can strive to make a difference.

That is our commitment.

Janine & Martin Bates | Guiding Principles | Eco Yoga Store