PRO® Salt Scrub Method

The surface texture of every PRO® series mat improves with use - the more the mat is used, the softer and grippier the material becomes!

Why do I need to "break-in" my PRO® series mat?

There is a production film that is invisible on the PRO® mats when they are new. This film needs to be worn off, and our customers have found that the best way to “break-in” their mat is to use it on a daily basis for at least a month, although the break-in period varies from person to person because everyone's practice varies quite a bit, and it can take up to to three months of daily practice and a bit of slipping during that time so that the friction of feet and hands break-in the mat.

Can I speed up the "break-in" process?

If your hands or feet slide on your new PRO® mat another trick you can use to break it in is to sprinkle coarse sea salt all over your mat, leave it for 24 hours, then add just a bit of water and scrub the salt in and wipe off. Like exfoliating your skin. Leave the mat to air dry.

Please note some customers have no issue with their hands and feet moving on their new PRO®mat from day one and other people do, due to their skin type.

We also suggest if your hands are moving during the break-in period you can use our TRIBE Get A Grip Powder which will help keep your hands in place while you are wearing off that invisible production film.

PLEASE DO NOT SALT SCRUB an eKO yoga mat from Manduka as these mats are made from 100% natural rubber which is not the same material that the PRO® mats are made of.