Support Your Practice with a Yoga Block

Despite the glamourous, polished imagery we see all over social media, there is no "perfect" way to practice yoga. Yoga is simultaneously challenging, transcendent, sweaty, uncomfortable, beautiful, and imperfect.

Among the main types of yoga, there's an enormous variety of movement and style, and alongside this, each individual brings their own flair and personality to the mat. While some yoga purists may argue that yoga props are unnecessary, the humble yoga block is an underrated, excellent tool to elevate your practice - regardless of your experience level.

Elevated yogi pushing body into the air with hands placed on foam yoga blocks - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store


What can yoga blocks do?

  • If you lack flexibility, blocks can bridge the gap between you and the floor, creating more ease - and less ouch - as you flow.
  • Blocks can allow you to deepen poses and enhance your practice at any level.
  • Struggling with balance? A well-placed block will give you some much-needed stability as you build your confidence.
Manduka Cork Block being used for support and balance in an asana - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store
  • Using a block during restorative practices and inversions can help you hold poses for longer, with support and comfort.
  • Rather than forcing a position and losing alignment, try using a block to stabilise yourself and maintain correct posture.

Our Favourite Yoga Blocks

Group shot of Manduka Yoga Block Range - Cork & Foam - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

Manduka Cork Block range

Sustainably harvested from the Cork Oak tree, fine-grain cork blocks are an eco-friendly choice. Cork blocks are much firmer and denser than foam, giving you extra security and stability.

Image of the bark of a Cork Oak Tree - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

  • Heavy weight offering supreme grounding support and stability.
  • Easy-grip natural textured surface.
  • Highly durable fine cork grain for maximum density.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sustainable and natural.
Manduka Cork Block & Lean Cork Block size comparison - blocks sitting on an eKO yoga mat - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store


The Manduka Cork Block is available in two sizes, including the Lean Cork Yoga Block for closer floor contact and a deeper stretch. With its thinner width, the Lean block is a dream to travel with and perfect to tote to class.

Manduka Foam Block range

Foam blocks are lightweight and have a softer touch than cork. Manduka foam blocks come in two sizes, including a space-saving portable mini that is perfect for travel, deeper stretches, and young yogis.


  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Round edges and soft texture for comfort during practice.
  • High-density for support, stability, and durability.
Manduka Foam Block Group Image - 4 blocks, 2 single colour & 2 tri-colour - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store
For the best of both worlds, the Manduka Recycled Foam block is a high-quality, sustainable foam option comprised of 50% recycled EVA foam. While it isn't squishy like most foam blocks, it gives outstanding support with its high-density foam and is exceptionally durable.

Manduka "unBLOK"

Also crafted from recycled foam, the unBLOK has a unique design exclusive to Manduka developed by Peter Stelios. With two sleek curved sides, it can also double as a mini bolster, making it a versatile prop for any yogi.

Manduka unBLOK supporting the lower back with body on th efloor and legs elevated 90 degrees against a wall - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

When resting your wrist on the block, the curve prevents the wrist from going into a hard 90-degree angle, so it's ideal for those with any wrist discomfort or weakness.

Manduka unBLOK supporting the wrists in a kneeling asana - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

The upfront investment is a little more, but once people try the unBLOK, they are converted!!!

Benefits of the unBLOK:
  • It’s an incredible tool for passive backbends.
  • Ideal to use in the thoracic spine.
  • Provides exceptional wrist support.
  • The clever curved edges create a more ergonomic yoga experience. After all, there are no straight lines in nature – or in your spine!
Manduka unBLOK in profile - curved edges top and front - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

*** Ideally, for maximum practice benefits, have a pair of blocks on hand (typically of the same size) ***

Remaining curious and open on your yoga journey will undoubtedly lead you down a path of growth and enjoyment in your practice. Staying open may mean trying a new class or experimenting with props - like a block - to change things up.

As with anything you undertake, the right tools can be positively life-changing.