The conundrum of how to carry your yoga mat solved!

Over the past few months many of us have focused on our yoga practice whilst at home, either due to pandemic imposed restrictions, or simply due to wintery conditions making the thought of venturing out less appealing.  

Whether you have a dedicated space for your home practice, or just unfurl your mat wherever the mood takes you, practicing at home is great for the soul, particularly in winter, but…

Human connection is important for our overall well being and a trip to our local yoga studio is a great way to connect with new ideas and poses for your yoga routines, and all importantly, other yogis.

With the trip to the studio comes the conundrum of what to take and how to carry it?

The simplest and easiest way to carry your yoga mat is with a sling, designed to fit yoga mats of any size - you simply loop the two ends around your yoga mat, pull tight (gravity will keep it in place when carrying your mat!) and you are ready to go.

Easy to sling over your shoulder, to carry by your side, or across your back / chest.

Even better for those who cut things tight when turning up for class, there's no Velcro, snaps, or buckles to disrupt the class and your mat is ready to use in seconds!.

Our favourite is The Commuter - made from natural cotton twill and webbing, with a padded shoulder strap for comfort.

Yogi carrying eKO 5mm yoga mat with a Commuter Mat Carrier - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

For those of you who travel very light to class, particularly in the warmer months, and literally just take yourself and your mat, plus a few essentials: keys, phone, wallet. The Go Play yoga mat carrier is the one for you -  combining all the convenience of a yoga mat sling with the added accessibility of external storage pockets for all those personal necessities. 

The Go Play easily clips around your mat and is adjustable for a secure fit, with quick release clasps to easily get your yoga mat unfurled and ready for practice.

Go Play mat carrier wrapped around a PROLite yoga mat - Manduka  | Eco Yoga Store

Still looking to take just a mat, a few essential items and the addition of maybe a towel, or simply you prefer that your yoga mat is encased in a protective cover when you are out and about, but still want the convenience of something light, and dare we say it, stylish? Our go to for these situations is the Breathe Easy yoga mat bag.

With everything you need (and nothing you don't), this sleek minimalist yoga mat bag is lightweight and breathable, made specifically for those looking to streamline their practice.

Featuring one pocket to easily carry your yoga mat but also with enough space to squeeze in a yoga towel if required.

Breathe Easy yoga mat bag with a PROLite and a Yogitoes towel inside - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

We hear you, sometimes minimalism is just not going to cut it, and we need to pack not just our yoga mat but other props, accessories and even additional clothing layers. For these occasions we reach for the Go Steady, the largest mat bag in the Manduka range.

The Go Steady comes with two separate compartments: one for your yoga mat and the other to hold your towel, clothes or other accessories, plus a weather and water-resistant outer fabric keeping your yoga mat and personal items organised and protected.

An adjustable shoulder strap also makes it easy to manoeuvre regardless of how much you pack into it - so no excuses to leave anything behind!

Go Steady Mat carrier with a PROLite, Yogitoes Towel, Align Strap inside - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

Whatever your style and requirements there is a yoga mat carrier or bag designed for you and your yoga mat. Whilst yoga mat slings will fit all yoga mats, some of the bags will have size limitations so check out our compatibility chart below to see which is the perfect fit for you and your yoga mat:Yoga Mat Carrier (Sling) and Bag Compatibility Chart | Eco Yoga Store