The Yoga Mat Storage Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Every yogi is familiar with the conundrum of yoga mat storage. Rolling it up and propping it in a corner (only for it to unravel and look unsightly) or stashing it away in a wardrobe or another room are about the only options.

For such a conscious practice, it's surprising that yoga mat storage is basically non-existent!

Enter: Mache Co.

Founder Brienne Derosier boasts an illustrious design background steeped in sustainability and wellness. After founding 2Yoke Design, which specialises in modern interiors and uses green and sustainable materials to promote wellness within the environment, Brienne turned her hand to yoga mat and block storage. As a certified yoga instructor with a 20-year yoga practice, she understood the brief better than anyone.

Brienne Derosier founder of Mache practicing yoga next to a Homi Tube (Palm design) - Mache | Eco Yoga Store

The result? Homi yoga mat storage tubes: Eco-friendly, high-quality, handmade, functional, and downright stylish.

Homi Tube (Ripple design) with yoga mat stored, on wooden floor next to a plant pot - Mache | Eco Yoga Store

Aside from her evident design skills and expertise, Brienne is also a proud champion for building strong local economies by employing local makers, craftspeople and small manufacturers to make earth-friendly goods. A designer and company we can well and truly get behind.

Homi Tubes give your yoga mat the home it deserves - all while treading lightly on the earth. They're 100% handmade in small batches in the USA through a clean fabrication process from start to finish, resulting in an entirely earth-friendly end product made with love.

The range of designs is stunning, ranging from minimal, earthy tones to bright foliage, florals, and celestial patterns. Brienne's design flair is evident in the thoughtful range of options - there is something to suit everyone and every space.

What you need to know:

  • Mache Homi Tubes are designed to fit into corners or discrete spaces and maximise your living area.
  • The exterior is crafted from durable, luxury paper.
  • The interior is comprised of 100% recycled kraft paper (brown) with moisture-resistant treatment.
  • Homi Size: Approximately 15.2 cm interior diameter, 16.5 cm exterior diameter, 50.8 cm in height, 1.7 kg in weight.
  • Homi Tubes come pre-assembled, are free-standing and designed to keep your mat rolled up and upright.
  • We have nine tube designs available to start with.
Homi tTube design selection: L-R Palm / Hatch (White) / Indigold / Burly (Silver) / Mermaid / Agate Stack / Plank (Black) / Ripple - Mache | Eco Yoga Store

The Homi yoga mat storage tube has been designed with the modern yogi in mind. These days, our passion for wellness and health extends past our habits and into our environment; it's in the fabrics of our clothes, personal products, and interior design choices.

A designated eco-home for your beloved yoga mat? That's a big yes from us.