Today in New Zealand 15% of children regularly go hungry

Help us to help KidsCan help them

The KidsCan Charitable Trust was co-founded in 2005 by Julie Chapman in her Auckland garage. After hearing continuous media reports about New Zealand children going without the basics, she conducted an evaluation in 80 low decile schools to see how widespread the problem was and how it was affecting children in the classroom.

KidsCan is now supporting more than 1000 schools and childhood centres in Aotearoa. By working directly with Schools they're able to reach the students most in need of their support, ensuring they are fed, warm and healthy so they can focus on learning and have a better chance of reaching their potential in life.

KidsCan’s vision is of a New Zealand where less fortunate children have an equal opportunity to make a positive contribution to society.

In 2021, KidsCan supplies included one million hot meals, 67,000 jackets, 31,000 pairs of shoes and 6200 emergency food parcels for families.

On 20th June, 2022, KidsCan launched an urgent appeal for funds, with founder and chief executive Julie Chapman saying that families on low incomes were doing it “tougher than ever before”.

"They can't absorb the rising cost of living, and by the end of the week the food runs out. It's an awful way to live," Chapman said.

The cost-of-living crisis was also affecting donations, with the number of monthly donors dropping for the first time in KidsCan's 17-year history.

Whilst donations are dropping, applications for help are not, and the charity has seen a spike in applications for hot meals, with an increase of 33% from last year.

KidsCan is currently supporting more than 1000 schools and childhood centres in Aotearoa putting food in the stomachs of 44,000 children. But they say there are thousands still in need:

"Thousands more in 19 schools and 52 early childhood centres are waiting for help, seven schools applied for support in one week alone in April, as inflation hit a 30-year high, and requests for hot meals are up 33 percent on last term".

In a bid to meet demand KidsCan is urging the public to donate $15 in an urgent appeal as winter bites. "We are asking everyone who can afford it to donate just $15 to help feed the children we support and reach those waiting for help more quickly."

"$15 will feed a child for a week with a nutritious breakfast of baked beans, bread, spreads, fruit and yoghurt, and morning tea of trail mix, snack bars and fruit pottles".

Kids deserve to have a fair start to life and $15 could mean the difference between a nutritious start to the school day or not going to school at all.

KidsCan $15 for 15% infographic explaining how $15 will help | Eco Yoga Store

Back in 2020 Eco Yoga Store supported KidsCan on their “$19 for Covid-19” appeal, and in response to the current situation we are again putting ourselves forward and fundraising to support KidsCan’s “$15 for 15%” appeal.

For July and August 2022 Eco Yoga Store will donate $15.00 to KidsCan for every yoga mat from the Tribe range that we sell.

We appreciate that it’s a huge ask at this time, so to help you to help us to help KidsCan we’re also giving you 15% off your new Tribe yoga mat, just enter  15for15  at checkout.

“It takes a village to raise a child” and the yoga community is our “village”, and one we know that will nurture and support all in need.

If you don’t require a new yoga mat, although everyone can always refresh their Travel Mat :-) then you can give directly to KidsCan here…