eKO Yoga Mats - eKO, eKOLite, & eKO Superlite laid side by side | Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

eKO Series

    Responsibly sourced, all-natural rubber with a responsive ride.
    Namaste, naturally.
    Manduka created the eKO® mat with dual layers, each having unique material properties to provide superior durability and the ultimate combination of cushion and grip:
    • The top layer is sealed-cell and imprinted with a slip-resistant pattern, making it more durable than typical rubber mats and also grippy.
    • The bottom layer is thick and spongy to provide comfort and cushion on any surface.
    Designed and engineered by yoga teachers the eKO Series is ideal for yogis who like a grounding experience.
    Eco-friendly and biodegradable, this non-Amazon harvested tree rubber yoga mat firmly supports both your practice and our planet.