• Homi Yoga Mat Storage Tube Size: Approximately 152mm (6") interior diameter, 165mm (6.5") exterior diameter, and 508mm (20") in height, and 1.7kg (3.8lbs) in weight.
  • Homi Yoga Mat Storage Tube Exterior: durable, luxury paper. Homi’s exterior Pattern Layer has one vertical seam on the backside. Note: depending on the Pattern Layer selected, this seam will be more or less visible.
  • End cap with generous “air hole” to promote everyday mat freshness.
  • Like fingerprints, there are no two Homi Yoga Mat Storage Tubes identical in dimension, pattern layout and grain pattern. These earth-friendly products are 100% handcrafted—every tube is unique!
  • Homi Yoga Mat Storage Tube comes pre-assembled, is free standing and designed to keep your mat rolled-up and upright.