Taking care for an eKO® mat - DO NOT:

  • Wash it in a washing machine
  • Soak or submerge it in water 
  • Use any type of soap or chemicals
  • Use harsh scrubbing cloth/brushes on it
  • Leave it in direct sunlight
  • Leave or store it in a hot vehicle or situation
  • Use the salt scrub method - that's for PRO® mats.

To clean your mat:

All eKO® mats can be cleaned by spraying them with Manduka’s Natural Rubber Mat Wash or TRIBE Eco Clean and wiping down with a soft cloth. You can also make your own cleaner by mixing 10% white vinegar and 90% water in a spray bottle. 

To store your mat:

Once dry, roll it up with the closed-cell surface facing out. That is the top surface you practice on and has the red Manduka frog logo on it. If damp from cleaning it, allow the mat to air dry before rolling up.