Pure NZ Wool 10mm Yoga Mat - Sustainability

Your Movement Mat is 100% natural and has been proudly brought to life with minimal processing, supporting your health and the planet.

Crafted in New Zealand using only Oritain Certified New Zealand wool

Why New Zealand Wool?
Only New Zealand Wool is sourced for these Movement Mats because of the high ethical standards of animal welfare in this country, as well as the guaranteed fibre specifications that can be ensured through supply agreements with the farmers. New Zealand farmer lead the way in on-farm research and education programs establishing best practices for animal health.

What does Oritain Certified mean?
Your movement mat is made from Joma Wool®, which is independently verified to be of genuine New Zealand origin by an independent auditor, Oritain. The experts at Oritain have scientifically analysed samples of Joma Wool® to create an origin “fingerprint” of the wool based on its natural isotopic variance. This means Oritain can test any Joma Wool® product anywhere in the supply chain to ensure that it is indeed genuine Joma Wool® of New Zealand origin.