Natural, luxurious, and sustainable: The Yolana Practice Mat

It's no surprise that yoga-lovers tend to be environmentally-minded, conscious consumers. They prioritise sustainability - something we've noticed first hand here at Eco Yoga Store through interaction with our customers. 

The beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced nearly anywhere, with nothing other than a yoga mat and a little knowledge or instruction. For those serious about their practice, a quality mat is an excellent investment. The demand for eco-friendly, natural yoga mats is increasing, but genuinely natural mats can be hard to find. Dana McKenzie took matters into her own hands, blending her love of wool and dislike for synthetic yoga products into a unique creation: the Yolana Pure Wool Practice Mat

Pure NZ Wool Yoga Mat partly unfurled - Yolana | Eco Yoga Store

The Yolana mat is thoughtfully crafted from 100% pure New Zealand wool, with no dyes or additives. The textured look comes from a unique blend of 90% white wool and 10% black wool. 

Why wool?

Wool is a complete fibre that has provided clothing and protection for humans for the last 8,000 years. It comes with built-in moisture and odour management due to its lanolin coating; it's lightweight and cushioning, an effective temperature regulator, naturally antibacterial and fire-resistant. Once we're done with wool, it biodegrades back into the earth.

Wool protects sheep year round across broad temperature ranges and has found its way into high-performance technical sports gear applications due to its properties in modern times. 

While they're made from pure NZ wool, Yolana practice mats are manufactured in a world-class felting facility in Germany. Although the felting technology is available in other facilities around the world, the expertise and craftsmanship employed at the facility in Germany offers superior quality and durability.

Dana McKenzie in on yoga pose outdoors - Pure NZ Wool Yoga Mat - Yolana | Eco Yoga Store

Practicing on the Yolana wool mat.

Wool naturally thermoregulates, keeping you warm when you're cold and cool when you're hot. The Yolana mat works the same way, and is especially cosy after practice during a long savasana. 

Biodegradable anti-slip coating on key areas helps with grip, but it's worth noting that the Yolana mat isn't super sticky. During practice, strong and mindful core engagement will help keep you stable and secure on the mat.

While some heat and moisture are okay, the Yolana mat isn't designed for hot or Bikram yoga practices. 

With weekly practice and careful care, drying, and storage, the Yolana will last between 3-5 years, and if you're not using it as often, expect it to last much longer. To clean and dry the Yolana mat, leave it flat in direct sunlight. Spot dry cleaning is an effective solution for any stains. 

Dana McKenzie wrapped in a shawl on her yoga mat - Pure NZ Wool Yoga Mat - Yolana | Eco Yoga Store

Winter calls for a cosier practice; another layer of clothing, warmth from a nearby heater or fire, a comfortable mat, and grounding essential oils or incense. The Yolana mat is a high-quality, luxurious, sustainable addition to your yoga practice that will last you many years.