Struggling With Grip? Here Are 3 Clever Ways To Stay Put On Your Yoga Mat

"Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory." — Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Whether you're mastering downward dog - or something more advanced like crow pose - you'll know how crucial it is to get a good grip on your yoga mat. Both the hands and feet play a huge role in grounding us and creating a solid foundation as we flow through various poses (asanas), and having a secure base gives us confidence and stability in our practice. 

Not all yoga mats are particularly "grippy", especially with a little heat and sweat thrown in the mix. Thankfully, there are a few innovative products available to keep hands and feet exactly where we need them, allowing you to stay focused. Be safe in the knowledge that you're stable and secure on your mat with one of the below options. 

Sweaty? This mat has your back (and your palms and soles)

The Manduka GRP Hot Yoga Mat is designed for hot and Bikram yoga devotees who need exceptional grip in hot and sweaty conditions. Don't let the name put you off - you can practice any form of yoga on this clever little mat. The leather-like surface provides consistent traction with zero slip, while the charcoal-infused rubber core eliminates odours and absorbs excess moisture. The GRP core and bottom layer are made with sustainable tree rubber. Available in 6mm thickness and a Lite 4mm version.

GRP Yoga Mat specially designed for hot yoga practice - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

Enhance your current set-up

If you're attached to your current yoga mat, never fear, all it may take is a small addition to your set-up to keep those hands and feet in place. 

Yogitoes towels are functional and beautiful, coming in a range of colours and graphics so you can keep your mat/towel/outfit in theme if you desire. The underside of each Yogitoes towel is coated with skidless silicone nubs to lock it to your chosen spot on your mat. The top is comprised of highly-absorbent cloth, designed to give you perfect grip and wick away excess moisture. 

Best of all, each Yogitoes towel is made from four recycled bottles and 30% recycled fibres! Using a towel also helps to protect your mat and makes cleaning a little easier - simply machine wash your Yogitoes on a cold cycle. 

Yogitoes Towels animated gif - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store


eQua towels are another fantastic non-slip mat topper option. These super lightweight and silky-soft towels are durable and highly-absorbent, and once damp, they become slip-resistant. Without the silicone nubs underneath, you can use your eQua towel in the gym, as a shawl during meditation, or rolled up in your hiking bag or carry-on. 

Yogi in pose on mat using eQua Hand Towel for grip - Manduka | Eco Yoga Store

Give your hands and feet a little extra help

If a towel isn't your thing, Get A Grip powder could be just the ticket. While it doesn't feel sticky or tacky on your hands, it creates impressive traction that leaves zero residue - and it works on any yoga mat.

Just sprinkle a little on your hands before you begin your practice, and rub your hands together to activate the grip. Once you’re done, Get A Grip powder washes off easily with soap and water. Each bottle lasts around 150 applications, enough to see you through more than a few sun salutations.

Get a Grip Powder Bottle - Tribe | Eco Yoga Store

It can take a little experimentation to create the perfect yoga set-up, but once you have a comfortable, functional area to practice, you’ll be able to focus your energy where it matters – not on slipping hands and feet.