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Get a Grip Powder

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Let's face it (not face plant it) there is nothing worse than having to focus on trying to stop your hands (and feet) slipping during your practice - finally there is a solution without buying a new yoga mat!

Get A Grip Powder - this stuff is amazing and really works!

Sprinkle a little on your hands and rub together vigorously to activate the tackiness and finally enjoy the benefits of having some traction. The strange thing is it doesn't actually feel that tacky on your hands but your hands stay in place on the mat. It also doesn't leave a sticky residue on the mat.

Simply wash your hands with warm water and soap after you practice and it's gone!

  • Bottle lasts 150 applications
  • Gives you grip without feeling tacky
  • Helps your hands stay firmly in place
  • Works on any yoga mat
  • Activate it by rubbing hands vigorously
  • Doesn't leave a sticky mess on your mat
  • Also helps you grip in hand to hand hold poses
  • Use on Manduka PRO mats during break-in

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Customer Reviews

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Laura Hancock
Get a Grip Powder

The powder was fantastic but a WAY smaller bottle than I expected for the price.

Thank you Laura, great to hear that the Get-a-Grip Powder is 'fantastic', and yes, the bottle is small, but there are approximately 150 applications stored within it :-)

Joanna Taylor

Get a Grip Powder

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