TRIBE Warrior 6mm Yoga Mats - group of three vertical sleeved | Eco Yoga Store
TRIBE Warrior 6mm Yoga Mats - colour swatches - Fern, Ocean. Cosmos | Eco Yoga Store
TRIBE Warrior 6mm Yoga Mats - Cosmos - rolled vertical & partially unfurled | Eco Yoga Store
TRIBE Warrior 6mm Yoga Mat - Cosmos - unfurled | Eco Yoga Store
TRIBE Warrior 6mm Yoga Mats - Fern - rolled vertical & partially unfurled | Eco Yoga Store
TRIBE Warrior 6mm Yoga Mat - Fern - unfurled | Eco Yoga Store
TRIBE Warrior 6mm Yoga Mats - Ocean - rolled vertical & partially unfurled | Eco Yoga Store
TRIBE Warrior 6mm Yoga Mat - Ocean - unfurled | Eco Yoga Store

Warrior 6mm

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The TRIBE Warrior has been designed to deliver grip, comfort and durability while remaining lightweight - the ultimate multitasker.

Tough like a warrior, the top surface is made from a new generation durable tree rubber. The Smart Grip texture helps keep your hands and feet in place.

The durable top rubber layer also stabilizes the base layer which is made from comfy TPE foam that provides just the right amount of cushioning while keeping the weight of the mat as low as possible.

You'll be hard pressed to find another mat that offers these three qualities all rolled into one!

If you sweat a lot while you practice we suggest you team your TRIBE Warrior mat with a TRIBE Get A Grip towel or get some Get A Grip Powder

  • 1825mm x 610mm x 6mm thick
  • Natural, durable tree rubber surface
  • Transportable at just 1.4kg
  • 6mm thick for maximum comfort
  • Smart Grip texture helps prevent slipping
  • Easy to keep clean with closed-cell surface
  • For sweaty yoga combine with a Get A Grip mat towel

Cleaning your Warrior

Don't leave in direct sunlight as rubber hates sunlight.

Don’t put your Warrior mat in a washing machine or submerge it in water. Clean with Tribe Eco.Clean or make a cleaning solution of 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. Using a soft cloth, spot clean your mat as required and allow to dry naturally before storing.

Note: Harsh chemicals and scrubbing brushes should not be used on the Warrior. She is tough but sensitive - a lot like you.

Storing your Warrior

Store it rolled up with the black side facing out. It’s a great idea to roll it from the opposite end each time to help prevent edge curl. Keep it in a dry location away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. The back of a car or near a heater are not recommended.

Note: Do not store anything pointed and heavy on the mat as it may cause a permanent indentation. Take care of the grey side by not using it on really rough surfaces like gravel.

The Tribe Warrior yoga mat is manufactured with the environment and sustainability front and centre of its materials and manufacturing process:
  • Non-toxic, chlorine free, & no heavy metal components
  • Naturally oxidized degradable characteristics
  • Zero waste manufacturing, including reprocessing of cuts and trims
  • Manufactured to EU RoHS standards and Kyoto Protocol environmental standards
  • Green production concept based on clean process, in addition to controlled measures of air, water, waste, toxicant, and noise

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great mat!

Love my new yoga mat! Cushy and perfect grip! The blue colour looks even better in real life :) Thanks Eco Yoga store!

Rose Cox
So light and transportable yet loads of support

I love this mat for how light it is while also being very supportive on the floorboards at my yoga studio. I love to walk to yoga and the Warrior is so light and easy to walk with. Even a 1 hour walk with it was no problem at all!

I love this yoga mat

I used to have a cork yoga mat but it was very slippery and started to have bits break off. I was recommended this mat by a friend and I absolutely love it. Great quality and has awesome grip.

Best mat I've ever owned

Perfect combination of a really grippy, stable feeling surface with comfy cushioning. I like that the surface is a natural rubber material. I use it at home on wooden floors. Really happy to have found this mat.

Thank you Camilla. Enjoy your practice.

Love the Warrior Mat

Fantastic mat. I purchased after using one at my yoga studio. I have bad knees (scar tissue after knee ops) so need extra support but stability. The mat's grip is great when palms get a little sweaty during a session. Highly recommend the Warrior mat - a reasonable price for an awesome, high-quality mat. EcoYogaStore were fantastic too - received within two days - even though it was during lockdown.

Thank you Emma; take care of your knees and release your inner Warrior!

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